Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today's bike ride, weigh-in stats, plus great video

I decided against riding the same route as the last two days. I needed a mental break from the traffic and hills, so I returned to my old favorite, the Centennial Trail (out and back from Snohomish, WA to Arlington, WA). I pushed the pace more than I had planned and ended up averaging 17.7 mph for the 35 mile ride, which is the fastest this year. My legs are toast from three straight, tough, riding days, so I'll rest them tomorrow and ride again Saturday morning.

This morning was my weekly weigh-in. Here are this week's stats (along w/the changes from last week):

wt: 146.4 (-2.2)
waist: 30.8" (-.2")
bodyfat %: 10.6 (-.1%)
resting HR: 40 bpm (-1 bpm) My weight is still dropping. I'm still eating smaller portions and relatively cleanly. I'm obviously burning quite a few more calories than I'm taking in. The bike rides this month are probably going to burn even more than usual. I'm a bit below where I want to be (~150 lbs), so I need to address this. I'm now down 18 lbs since January of this year. As for the other stats, my waist is now as small as it was in high school (we're talking 25 yrs here). My resting HR is as low as it's been in many, many years...ALTHOUGH it was elevated when I woke up (50 bpm). That, coupled with the continued weight loss, could mean I might be overtraining. Looking at my current training levels, I wouldn't think so, but it's something I need to really pay attention to.

One of the podcasts I listen to is from Running Times (the magazine). They're usually short audio files; often interviews by Scott Douglas of pro runners or coaches. The latest is a video, showing Sara Vaughn doing a variety of core exercises. Check these out. They're great! I'll be incorporating several into my routine. Since "part 1" is in the title, I would imagine there will be more coming soon. I'll post more links when they're available.

EDIT: and, as a 42-yr old guy, I like this article!

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