Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I think I found my half...plus a little rant

I may have found my fall half marathon. It would be the Spokane Half Marathon and, coincidentally, the date is October 11th...working perfectly as my Worldwide Festival of Races race. I have family in Spokane, WA, so all around, this looks like a perfect fit for me. I can't wait to seriously train for and run it.

Now...I have something I need to get off my chest. This has nothing to do with running or training. It's a situation I've been in twice in the last 4 days. I'll start with this comment: if you work behind a counter somewhere, a simple "how are you doing today?" and a nice smile will go a long way in making a customer feel like he/she made the right decision by soliciting your place of employment. On Saturday, I was at a hotel in Omak, WA and felt like I was an unwanted intruder as the guy behind the counter mumbled and scowled his way through our encounter, making me and my family feel uncomfortable and intrusive. Tonight, I had to make a purchase at a big-chain auto parts store and the guy who took my money acted like I was a total pest. No, you may not be having a good day, and you may not be working at your "dream job", and yes, times are tough, but you are gainfully employed. Many, many people today aren't. Even if you have to fake it, make your customers feel welcome and wanted. They'll come back. They might recommend you to others. Then, when your work day is done, go home and go take out your frustrations on a good run. See, I did tie this to running after all! Okay, rant over.


  1. I went to Safeway just today. I stood in a long line just to be able to use my favorite cashier. Manager came over to me, and I said no. I'm content to wait in line to have this cashier serve me.
    So, I guess that I agree!

  2. Right on! Attitude means a lot! You might even consider mentioning that cashier to the manager.

  3. 100% whole heartedly agree. Sometimes l'll try to ferret out some enthusiasm with some positive innocuous engagement. Too many times I say "screw 'em."

  4. Couldn't agree with you more about the customer service comment!

    I am pretty sure I will be doing the Victoria BC 1/2 marathon on that weekend.

    Love reading your updates.


  5. I thought about doing the Vancouver 1/2 that weekend, but didn't want to hassle with crossing the border. Then I found a website that listed all half marathons in WA state for 2009 and Spokane jumped out at me. I'm itching to start training for it, but gotta ride, ride, ride until 8/9! Thanks for stopping by!