Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tempo ride

Today's ride covered a total of 26 miles, but ten of it was at race pace. I used the first two miles to warm up, then pushed the next 10 (in 32:08; 18.7 mph avg), then rode at a steady pace the last 14 miles. Total time was 1:29:14 (17.5 mph avg). The tempo portion was tough. It was slightly uphill with a bit of a headwind (barefoot in the snow, too). I know, sounds like I'm embellishing, but dat's da troof. I preferred it to doing my hard 10 on the way back, which is usually the fastest part of this particular route. My quads were definitely burning the whole 10 miles...and they were still a little sore from the hill repeats on Monday. I'm not positive yet, but Friday's ride may be just a steady ride, with no hill repeats, tempo segments or intervals. We'll see.

I'm starving, so off to find some lunch...


  1. Sounds like a great ride! You are really training well for this race.

  2. Sounds like I good ride, I too love the burn.

  3. Thanks! I'm learning that my body definitely needs more recovery time, especially since the rides lately have been pretty intense. Maybe it's because I'm not a "true" cyclist, I don't know (or because of my age). But as a "40-something" guy, it's fun to be out there training hard. I'm sure both of you would agree! Thanks for the comments, and good luck w/your training!