Friday, February 13, 2015

Winter Took A Break, So Why Not Ride?

It's been sunny and warm(ish) here lately so, since I'm now a cyclist thanks to my left knee, I dusted off my trusty steed and went for a little ride. It was my first ride since late July of last year! The bike didn't bother the knee at all, btw.

I rode 15 miles in just over 55 minutes, so I didn't set any speed records, obviously. I'm interested in just getting in the miles now and not about my pace. It was quite obvious that I'm terribly out of shape and have at least 10-12 lbs. to lose. I know my legs will come around and the weight will come off, so no worries there. I'll ride on the trainer indoors if I have to, but I'm not a fan of that at all.

I just hope winter continues its hiatus so I can keep getting my wimpy, fair-weather behind out there for more rides!

(oh, totally unrelated...if any of you were wondering about the beard — and I'm sure you weren't — it's mostly gone now. I did keep the mustache, soul patch and a short goatee. The 'stache is long, so I can style it into a handlebar. Kind of an old-school retro look...)

Post-shave. Just need a pipe now.