Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Backing Out of STP

Wow, time flies. It's been a while since I've posted here. Honestly, there's not much to talk about, other than our big move across the state. We sold our Everett house in 3 days, eventually found one in Spokane and will close on that one on June 25th (we're currently renting back from our buyers so the kids can finish the school year.) As of this writing, we will be Spokane residents in less than three weeks. Wow.

So, about training. Hey, the Seahawks are going to be tough this year, eh?

Okay, I've not run since March, and I've been on my bike twice since then. I have, however, been lifting weights pretty intensely. Oh, and eating. A lot. Consequently, I've gained a good bit of weight, too. Every last ounce rock solid go along with that oceanfront property in Arizona I'd like to sell you. Seriously, though, I am getting a lot stronger.

But—due to being way out of cardio shape myself, and getting a message from my sister that she's not ready to do the Seattle to Portland ride, either—I decided to pull the plug and got a partial refund. Neither my body nor my heart are into it right now. I'll do it another year, when I'm not packing up my entire life and moving 300 miles away.

I am, however, eager to very slowly and gradually start working in some short, easy runs. Every once in a while, I STILL get reminders that I REALLY messed up my hamstring. So any fast and/or extended running may still be on the very distant horizon. And, to be honest, I'm fine with that. I've grown so accustomed to getting injured from running that I'm learning to just roll with the punches and take whatever I can get. Once in Spokane, I'll probably do some easy bike rides with my sister, and possibly some easy runs with my oldest daughter. And continue lifting weights and eating. Eventually, I'll be the guy who looks like a pro wrestler, wearing Brooks gear.

Yeah, right...

After a workout last week. Lifting weights, and forks, consistently.