Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gil's Happy Birthday Video

Gil gets personal with this little video for his sister's 40th birthday, sharing a story, along with reassurances that they's lots of things 40+ years old that's doin' just fine. Nobody can say ol' Gil ain't got a soft heart under that tough exterior!

Chris K, since it's your birthday today as well (you only wish it was the big 4-0), consider this a birthday greeting to you, too! Ol' Gil's pretty generous that way.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Gil Relates The Story of His First Race

Ol' Gil called Brandon's podcast recently to relate the story of his first runnin' race. Fortunately, he survived...and actually won!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Manly Giveaway!

Been crazy here at Resurrected Runner headquarters, thus the lack of posts lately. There are some forthcoming...including our good buddy Gil.

Until then, I wanted to mention a pretty cool "Manly Giveaway" on Chris K's "BQ or Die" blog. Go leave a comment, grunt, and maybe let loose with a bodily noise. Fun stuff!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Little Report On...What Else? Le Heele!

I've been talking about my injured heel for so long that it has become an entity all its own. I suppose I should name him (my youngest daughter is the perfect person for that task). He has a personality. Some days, he's cranky and irritable. Other days, he's chipper and ready for the day's challenges. Still others, it's a roller-coaster ride. I truly try to appease him and meet his every need, but I can only do so much. Personally, I think he needs to get out more.

After some soreness last week, he's been pretty agreeable the last few days. I'm still lifting weights 3x per week and riding my Schwinn Airdyne 3 days per week, so I haven't changed my routine. I hope there's an adaptation happening.

My next move, cardio-wise, will be to visit the pool. Upon visiting, I may actually consider getting in and swimming. We'll see. Also, when the doc says it's okay to bike outdoors (he doesn't want me pushing big gears or up hills, and there are many hills around here), I'll do that, too (brrrrrr). Hey, I bought a new helmet, so at least I'll look a little cooler than I did while wearing my 1948 bike helmet!

Finally, to all of you who just completed the Goofy Challenge (and associated races), congratulations! Sounds like it was great weather this time.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I just returned for my monthly check-in with my sports med doc. Since I saw him last month, I've been doing 20 minute spins on my Schwinn Airdyne two to three times per week (along with weight training). The way my heel has felt after those rides varies. Some days it's fine. Other times, it aches for a couple of days. This is one of those days (I rode yesterday). The doctor didn't seem alarmed by that. He said that sometimes it takes time for the injured area to adapt to even light training. He was pleased with what he saw (no swelling), so the plan until next month's visit is to continue with my current approach, along with adding in a weekly swim (pushing lightly off the walls with my good foot). No walking on the treadmill yet.

We discussed the time table for this process and he said the key word was patience. He liked my analogy of how someone doesn't get fat overnight, and consequently don't lose the weight overnight. He said the fact that I've basically had this injury for 7 months and continued to run on it for a while means it's going to improve very gradually, assuming it does improve. If it's still about the same by next month, we'll stay in a holding pattern. If it does improve, we'll move to the next phase of his plan — strengthening (and stretching). If it gets worse (and if it bothers me even during daily activities), then we'll go the surgery route.

No matter the course, this is going to be a long-term rehab process. I guess it's a good thing I didn't make “RUN LIKE A MANIAC” my phrase for 2011. It looks like it could be quite some time before I run again. I will, though. Count on it.

And I promise I don't hate all of you while you're out running, pain-free, training for your goal races. I'll just pretend I'm looking at me as I see you running by (especially if you're running REALLY fast, with perfect form).

Monday, January 3, 2011

Balance, Cont'd

To follow up on yesterday's tease, Balance is the word I'm focusing on in 2011. I'm not a big resolution guy, but I always set goals for myself.

After putting all my eggs in the ‘running basket’ last year (until my injury, anyway), this year will be a transition year for me. I'll be focusing my athletic efforts over a wider spectrum. Basically, I'll be training more for general fitness and less as a hard-core runner. Cross-training will be de rigueur (aren't I fancy?) this year. I've been hitting the strength training pretty hard the last few months. Depending on whether I'll go under the knife for my heel or not, I'll continue with that (on a reduced level), along with more cycling, walking, hiking and swimming (maybe).

It's probably obvious why I'm going this route in 2011. I will always identify myself as a runner before any other athletic designation. I plan on being a runner the rest of my life, so being patient is more important than if I were training for one major event, then retiring. That said, I'm focusing my efforts this year on getting into, and staying in, good physical condition until I can transition back into being the runner I'd like to be.

When I started running again in 2009, I did a good deal of cycling that year (mostly because I was training for the bike leg of a triathlon). I didn't run a ton of miles, but I was injury free the entire year. When I'm cleared to do so, that will be my mindset this year. Loosely, my plan will be 2-3 days per week of cycling, 2-3 days per week of running, 2 days per week of strength training (not incl. daily bodyweight exercises), with any of these being substituted with hiking, swimming or other outdoor pursuits. Staying with a consistent routine will be the key.

If I end up having surgery, I'll just do what I can until my rehab is complete. I still plan on running some races this year. If and when I train for them, I'll probably base my training plan on the Furman First program, and continue to cross-train. No, I won't be a great runner this year, but I'm looking toward future years, after my body is healed and ready.

I'm also instituting the Balance philosophy in my personal life (less TV, more books, less computer, more family time, less processed sugar, more fruit & veggies, less politics, more drawing & painting, less stress, more know, the standard stuff).

I'm excited to see what I can accomplish physically in 2011, even with limited running. Maybe 2012 will be a more running-centric year. We'll see.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Word for 2011


Been a busy weekend. More elaboration later...