Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Good Week

I wrapped up another encouraging week of training. I'm not breaking any new ground lately, but I'm happy with the fact that my finicky body seems to be settling into my current training plan quite nicely. Here's what went down:

MON - bike trainer, 50 min. / weights (push workout) / 1 mile "dog jog"
TUE - run 4 miles
WED - weights (pull workout), 1 mile "dog jog"
THU - run 3.1 miles
FRI - freestyle lap swim, 2100 yds.
SAT - run 4 miles (+ possible 2 mi. run w/daughter in the p.m.)
SUN - off

It's not a ton of training, but even with this modest program, some of my fitness is returning. So far I've been able to resist the temptation of increasing the running frequency and duration. Given the low level of pain I've been feeling lately, I'm going to stay the course for the time being.

My next "race" will be on December 3rd when, once again, I will be my daughter's pacer in a local 5k. But come January, I'll begin racing 5k's myself. While I expect slow times initially, I'm excited to push the pace a little. Here's hoping the wheels don't come flying off when I do!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

3 Road Races, 3 Age Group Wins (or...My Life As A Pacer)

I'm sure you get tired of me crowing about my oldest daughter Natalie...but I certainly can't crow about any of my own running achievements you'll have to indulge me yet again ;-)

This morning, we ran the Fowl Fun Run 2-miler (there's also a 10k). This was the first race we've run twice together. In fact, the whole family joined in this year, with my youngest daughter run-walking it, and my wife mostly walking.

Natalie's time this year was 16:20, which was 1:04 faster than last year's 17:24. As indicated in the title, she once again won her age group. We went out a bit slower than I had planned (8:17), but closed with a decent 7:54 second mile. She laid into her signature kick in the home stretch. She can very nearly out-kick me!

Our next race will be a 5k in Arlington, WA (same course as our 5k in September). I'll pace her in that one, then come January, she's on her own as I try to actually "race" a 5k myself. That should be good for a laugh!

Aside from her performance today, it was encouraging that she had no pain. Recently, she was complaining about her knee (she seems to come down with the same injuries I have. Hmm...) The course was flat, so that may have helped. As for me, I felt fine as well.

I need to start monitoring my weight closely, though. I've mentioned before that I have trouble keeping it on. As little as I've been running, it's odd to me. I've been doing some bike trainer work, swimming and weights along with the running, but really not that much. After peaking at 173 a few months ago, I'm back down to 163. What raised my eyebrows was an unintentional 2 lb. weight loss last week. I'd like to race next year at about 155 (I was too low at sub-145 during marathon training in early 2010), so keeping the calories up will be my mission. Tough work, but somebody's got to do it ;-)

Speaking of which, we brought home a nice Costco-sized pumpkin pie from today's race. They always have good grub there!

Happy training & racing, folks!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Interesting Article

Here's an article that shares some interesting thoughts about Chris McDougall and his nearly evangelical approach to THE way to run. No, I have no beef with McDougall (I read and mostly enjoyed Born to Run), but I've never been a fan of the idea that there's only one way to skin a cat. I certainly don't advocate overstriding or slamming down on one's heels while running, but I don't buy into the 'let's all throw out our evil cushioned running shoes' philosophy, either. Okay, enough editorializing from me. Here's the link.