Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Routine Ride

I'm finally back in town for awhile and ready to get serious about the cycling. I just returned from a 25 mile ride on local roads with some hills (same course as my ride on 7/11). Not going for time, but I was a bit faster this time (averaged 17.2 mph this time, as opposed to 16.8 last time). The meat of my training this month will be over this same course, as it has a nice assortment of quad-burning hills. I'm also planning on 2 or 3 time trials on my Centennial Trail course. I'm thinking 10 miles at race-pace on the way out, then easy for the 10 miles back. I may also do some mile intervals. I probably won't do any really long rides, since I have a decent base already built. As for my now-neglected friend running, I'm hoping to visit him about once a week the rest of this month. Probably easy 5-mile runs. But as I've said, the focus will be on building my speed and strength on the bike, so I don't embarrass myself on August 9th!


  1. I'm liking the bike so much I'm looking at a dedicated road bike (instead of using my MTB with slicks)!

  2. Good for you! It does make a difference. Years ago I rode my mtn bike w/slicks before I bought my Fuji Roubaix in '02. I'm not a road bike expert, but I would recommend the Fuji. Lightweight and mine was a good value at $1000 (bought it in late '02 on clearance). Even after my tri, I'll keep riding as cross-training, since it seems to be keeping my running w/o injuries. Good luck!