Monday, July 27, 2009

More Hill Repeats on the Bike

This morning's ride was identical to last Monday's, except that it's quite a bit hotter today. I hit the road at about 9:30am (after rush hour died down) and rode a total of 26.4 miles. That included 16.5 miles of hill repeats (12 hills total). The repeats took 64 minutes. The total ride was 1:39:27. This was one of those workouts where mind games really came into play. I was feeling a bit of stomach distress the whole ride. After the first set of hills, I thought I may not be able to do the whole workout. Then I thought "on race day, if I decide I can't do the first 12-mile hill climb, that's called a DNF". The mental part of endurance training is so much more difficult than the physical. I knew that, physically, I could do this (like I did last week). Mentally, I nearly gave in. I'm glad I didn't. I can't have that kind of mindset - in any aspect of my life, not just sports.
Lots of work to do, so time to shower off this coating of salty sweat and get back to the grind. Happy Monday!

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