Friday, July 17, 2009

The Favorite , by Sir Colin T. Hayes, PhD, Esq.

The shiny 2002 Fuji Roubaix hung proudly from the red ceiling hooks in the garage. A mere ten feet away sat a pair of Brooks Defyance 2 running shoes, a sad tear of neglect streaming down its laces; a victim of seemingly endless taunts from the Fuji. "He doesn't love you anymore. Now I'M his favorite", gloated the Fuji. Brooks, now weary of deflecting the bitter jabs, could only sit weeping silently and longing for those productive days gone by. Suddenly, Fuji's braggadocious barbs were broken by the sudden sound of the squeaking door, revealing a tall, thin figure. He was immediately recognizable to both parties. Fuji instantly became as excited as a black lab pup eager for a morning walk. Brooks, meanwhile, felt a dim glimmer of hope, yet had already sadly deferred to Fuji, based on recent encounters. The man would undoubtedly favor Fuji yet again and share a sunny, breathless ride togeth...wait. Was it wishful thinking, or did Brooks feel the man's gentle hands? Yes. Yes, is the day! The man and Brooks would experience the road together once again, just like old times! And outdoor adventure was indeed at hand! As they left the cool garage, they glanced over at Fuji and caught his indignant scowl. "I'll ride again soon, Brooks! I'm still his favorite! You'll be back on the floor and forgotten again in no time!" Brooks just smiled, as any happy running shoe would, and prepared for the endorphinized exhilaration soon to come.*

*Colin Hayes and Brooks shared a 4.5 mile run at 6:30 am that day, in a time of 37:49, for an easy pace of 8:24 per mile.

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