Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's run...with a slight change of plans

Due to some recent hip (and to a lesser extent, knee) pain and tightness, I had planned on doing a 4-mile run on a composite track a few miles away. I was going to try and run one mile in 9 minutes, 1 in 8, one in 9, and the last in 8, just to vary my pace. Well, I had a bit of intestinal distress this morning (no elaboration needed), so I wanted to stay close to home. I ended up doing a neighborhood run on a loop just a tad over a mile long, running on gravel and grass as much as possible, with the same pace variation I had planned on. The run ended up being three loops (3.1 miles) in an overall pace of 8:34/mile (HR was only 122 at finish). I had to cut it a mile short due to my right hip really getting sore and tight. I followed the run with some stretching and a 12-minute ice bath. The bad news is the hip, but the good news is that my right knee didn't give me any guff. I'm not sure if the cycling is aggravating my hip, or if it's just an IT band issue. I'll continue with the stretching and strengthening and back off on the mileage (and cycling minutes) a bit and see if this thing settles down. Gotta stay positive, though!

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