Monday, April 20, 2009

Awesome ride!

Just returned from a 35-mile bike ride in almost exactly 2 hours (17.4 mph avg). Thanks to Claritin D for helping me survive the major pollen population along the trail I usually ride. Came home with a little wheeze, but nothing too bad. Also came home with some relatively sore hips, probably ready to be stretched and iced. The legs and lungs felt strong, though. Will continue building a base for another few weeks, then will switch to some pretty serious hill training. If the hip(s) concur, I'll be doing a run tomorrow.


  1. That does sound like a great ride. I need to get my bike fixed up and start riding outside. The gym bikes just aren't cutting it these days.

    PS - I hate allergy season.

  2. Thanks! Riding outside is much nicer. Not sure I could handle 2 hours on a trainer. As for allergy season...the grass pollens get me more than trees, and grass pollens even kicked in yet!
    Thanks for the comment, Tri. That's probably about as far as I'll go on my base rides (the bike leg in the tri I'm doing is 28 miles). Training hills will be more important, since the first 12 miles of the race is uphill. Good luck with your training, folks!