Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Not-So-Long Long Run of '09

Just ran 5.5 miles today, which is the farthest I've run this year. Yes, I know all you marathoners and ultra-ites could do that in your sleep, and that used to be a short run for me as well, but given the fact that I thought I was done running FOR GOOD back in '06, it's a pretty nice milestone for now. My hip started hurting about 2 miles into the run, then actually started feeling a little better after 3.5 miles. Not sure if that's because I cheated and took ibuprophen before the run or not. Also had a nice 12-minute ice bath after some post-run stretching. I focused on keeping my stride shorter than usual during the run. Ran at an 8:20/mile pace, which felt very comfortable. Hip issues aside, I felt like I could have continued on for a few more miles. I think the long bike rides have done a lot to build up my endurance & V02 max, which seems to cross over into my running. Tomorrow will be either an outside bike ride, or some time on the trainer indoors.


  1. Awesome. Great job!

    I know it's really hard not to compare yourself to everyone else, especially when you know of others who run all of those crazy long distances, and even more especially because of what you use to be able to run.

    But, 5.5 miles is a great run no matter what. So great job and rest up.

  2. Thanks SS. I appreciate the encouragement! You're right - I can't compare myself to anyone else...or even my "past runner" self. Like "What About Bob", just taking baby-steps is the focus right now.
    Good luck with your return to running, too!