Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well, despite a promising (and, in hindsight, probably foolhardy) run yesterday, I'm shutting it down for several days. I just returned from my first aborted run since my comeback in Jan. of '09. As soon as I took a step,  my heel hurt worse than it has since it started bothering me. I'll ice it all week and hopefully test it again next week. Pretty frustrating.


  1. Sorry it flared up after your run, hope the ice helps. Have you considered seeing a doctor about it (or have you already, and I'm just forgetting that fact)?

  2. Sorry to hear this. Rest well.

  3. Thanks Johann.
    No doctor visit yet, Greg, but I probably will before too long. Going to cross-train on the bike for the time being, since it seems to be impact-related. Probably no running until Lake Youngs...which may be up in the air, too.

  4. Hi Colin,
    Yes, please take a break and for God sake, don't hurt yourself! Take care of yourself and keep smiling:)