Monday, May 31, 2010

Surpassing 2009

We just returned from our annual Memorial Day camping trip to Entiat, WA...way out in the middle of nowhere. My in-laws have property on the Entiat River, so their kids (i.e. my wife and our kids, my wife's sisters and their families, and one other family that's friends of all of our families...are your eyes crossed yet?) all converge there for three days of riotous fun...if you can call having everything you brought with you smelling strongly of campfire smoke and un-showered bodies fun.

I managed to roll out of the tent this morning at 6:00 for a run. Wasn't sure how far it would be. I was going to "Forrest Gump" it...just keep going if I felt like it (within limits, of course). I chose to run "up" the road. It was definitely up, climbing an average of 100 feet per mile. Not terribly steep, but good enough for a decent hill workout. When I was 5 miles in, I decided that a pre-breakfast 10-miler would be groovy. Thanks to the downhill, my return trip was 6 minutes faster.

My right heel reminded me it was still there, but it wasn't a run-stopping pain. It seems like it's not getting any worse, so for the moment, I've decided to train through it, unless it DOES get any worse. I have no idea what the issue is, but as long as the status remains quo, so will my training.

This morning's 10-miler also put me beyond last year's very modest running mileage (825 in 2009, 828 as of today for 2010). Having done it in 5 months is something I feel pretty good about. Hopefully I can keep the pace through the end of the year.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.



  1. That's pretty good. I'm only at 1148 for the year.
    Make sure you still take some days off while recovering, even if you feel good.

  2. Sounds like a great run Colin, but did you not, in fact, contribute to the "un-showered bodies" smell after that effort. Glad the heel held up for it but I agree with the good King above - rest it when you can. And congrats on passing last year's mileage already.

  3. They do have power and a bathroom (with a shower), so I indeed showered after the run. Otherwise I may not have been welcome any longer.
    It's hard for me to rest, but I will take it easy between now and Lake Youngs for a few reasons - prep for Lake Youngs, continue recovering from the marathon, and keep my heel from getting worse. Thanks for the comments, guys.

  4. Hope the heel doesn't give you any problems. Always nice to run somewhere away from home.

  5. Sounded like a good 10 miler. Hope your heel doesn't get any worse.