Friday, June 18, 2010

A Ride Outside, and Anxious for Monday

Some rare nice weather made an appearance today, so I took the bike off the trainer and finally went for a ride outdoors. It was a bit breezy, but sunny and in the upper 60's. I put in 20 miles @ an average pace of 17.2 mph. My right hip was oddly sore, but otherwise it was an enjoyable ride.

After walking all day yesterday (volunteering at my daughter's field trip) and taking an hour walk with my wife this morning, my heel is a bit sore. Still, I'm planning on doing my first run in 3 weeks on Monday to test things out. I can hardly wait! I'm surprised I haven't completely lost my wits already (some would question that assumption) with being sidelined that long. I'll keep it slow and short. Based on the recent walking, I'd guess that it'll still be a little sore, but (hopefully) not enough to have to put a hold on the running again. If it feels like I can start up again, it'll be a slow buildup, even though I'm anxious to pick up where I left off.

Have a great weekend, and happy Fathers' Day to us dads!

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  1. I really hope the "nice" weather stays rare until Sunday....Just saying.