Friday, June 11, 2010

Muy Interesante

A little Español for yiz 8-)

I just returned from another PT session and learned some pretty major things:

  1. My neon green race shirt, according to my wife, doesn't match my forest green shorts (I still went to the appointment in them)
  2. Freeway traffic on Friday stinks to high heaven (I haven't commuted since 1994), and
  3. My right leg and foot do some funkadelic things when I ambulate.
I finally walked on their pressure-sensitive runway, as the moving video camera on the wall recorded my slanky strut down the catwalk. I was FAR too sexy.
Come to find out that my right foot flares out during my stride. It seems to start with my right knee turning a bit more outward. I land with my right foot facing more outward than the left, and I push through my step on the outer part of that foot (supinate). My left foot lands and rolls through fairly normal. This may be my body's way to compensate for the slightly greater length in my right leg. It also, according to the PT, may be causing torsion on the inner part of my right heel...exactly where most of my heel pain resides.

Here's a photo of me running the Mercer Island Half Marathon, back in March:
I noticed my right foot flaring out in the photo, but thought it was just an anomaly. As I've learned, it's what I do. Although, by the time my foot lands, it's not turned quite this much.

The PT sessions have been valuable so far. Even aside from the direct treatment on my heel, I'm learning quite a few things I've never known about my body (like, showers are good body odor deterrents).

On Monday, I'll be recorded running on a treadmill. I'm hoping to bust out an hour run at roughly 5:00/mile pace to impress everyone. I may back off of that just a little, as I don't want to destroy their equipment.

Oh, and the heel is still sore, but seems to be mostly in the inside area, rather than the whole heel.

More soon...


  1. Hi Colin,
    Woo hoo for good PT sessions! I sometimes think that my stride might be funky too. I have seen a few pictures of me running and I think that it doesn't look normal.

    Ha ha, I tell my hubby all of the time that he is not matching:) Do you at least tie your shoes? My hubby always has a shoe string swinging off to the side! Drives me absolutely nuts:)

    Good luck with your mill run and enjoy your weekend!

  2. Is that what showers are for?

    You might want to kick it back to a 5:30/pace. You wouldn't want to get the heel all flared back up again.

  3. Julie, we had this conversation last summer. I should post a photo of me in this outfit and let people vote.
    Tim, you're right. I haven't run for 11 days, so I should hold back a little ;-)

  4. Haha...I always hear I'm color blind! The info from the PT session is very interesting.

  5. I am glad the PT's are helping you figure out the source of your heel injury. It sounds like you will be back to your regular runs soon.

  6. So sorry you're dealing with this frustrating pain! I can relate. I have plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinosis in my left foot. I've been dealing with it for a year now and had topaz surgery on my achilles in Feb. Finally back to jogging, thank goodness, but too slow to call it running. I'm looking forward to following your progress. Good luck!

  7. Colin, I am with you - I TOTALLY think those match. green / green!?

    That is interesting that the PT found your gait issues and you were able to find them in a picture. Hopefully you're on the mend.