Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Special Run

I'll get the negative out of the way first. I was hoping to run 3.1 miles again today, but shortened it to 2.1. My heel hurt more today than the previous two days. I did add a Superfeet Green insole to my right shoe. It might take a few runs to tell whether it makes a difference or not. No running tomorrow.

Now, on to the positive. Today was the first time I've ever run with my oldest daughter. She's going into middle school in the fall and wants to run cross-country. She joined me for the first mile (10:46) and breezed through it. I was planning on stopping if she needed to, but she never did. In fact, she wasn't even winded by the end. It felt pretty special to run with one of my kids. She could have gone faster and farther, but I want her to have positive experiences every time out as she gets into running. We'll gradually build the distances this summer. She was pretty excited afterward! And, despite my heel, so was I.


  1. That's a special moment. Lil Asnky has run a few one mile fun runs that are attached to some of the 5ks I've done but we've never run together. She's usually still asleep when I go out.

  2. What an up and down post! Suck on the heel - hopefully it was just getting adjusted to the inserts. BUT, awesome about the group run. I'm not sure how much i'm going to push it on my kids, but I sure hope they take it up either way.

  3. Running with your daughter is great! I think a rest day every 2nd or 3rd day might be good for the heel. Good luck!

  4. Hope your heel continues to heal (hehehe) - and quickly!

    Very cool that you got to run with your daughter..... you know how I feel about that! :)

    Be careful it won't take long before she is running "slow" so you can keep up..... once again, you know how I know about that! :)

  5. That is so awesome that you ran with your daughter! At my 5K race last weekend, there were 15 kids under the age of 9. My six yr old wants to run with me so we may try it soon - just a mile. I hope your heel continues to get better!