Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Clarification

During the last couple of visits to physical therapy, I've discovered even more about how my right leg and foot operate. When I sit on a chair, knees bent, feet on the floor and rotate my feet inward while trying to keep my feet flat on the ground, and odd thing happens. My left foot rotates just fine, but my right starts arching up on the inside. I'm unable to keep it flat, or at least not without greatly forcing the issue (which causes discomfort). I'm still not sure whether this is purely structural or if it's correctable. Since my right heel instantly shifts inward on every landing, I'm going to put a Superfeet Green insole into my right shoe (as per my PT's suggestion) to see if I can counteract the motion. I may still be seeing a podiatrist about potentially getting a custom orthotic for my right shoe (my left foot is fine, so I'm averse to messing with it).

I ran again today (3.1 miles @ 7:48 pace, with a 6:57 mile two as a "speed check") and the heel felt about the same as yesterday. Still sore, but not as bad as when the injury first hit me.

Anyway, I thought the foot rotation test was pretty interesting. It's been great seeing all the pieces of this puzzle start to come together.


  1. Hi Colin,
    Good job on your three miler:) It will all come together...just give it a little time.

    I just got a few pictures from the Grandma's half and my stride does look goofy:( It made me think of you and how you had someone actually watch you walk...I would love to have someone check out my stride. I know that something is off. Take care:)

  2. You can rotate your ankles? Cool!
    Nice to see you out running, but why so fast, take your time and it'll last longer.

  3. Thanks Julie. It's worth getting someone knowledgeable to check out your stride.

    Arthur, I'm just paranoid about Ragnar next month. I'd like to have at least a tiny bit of speed going into it (why start now, right?)

  4. That is interesting. Both mine rotate fine. Thanks for giving me something nice to test during my break just now! I also wonder if this can be corrected. Take it slow and easy with the running.

  5. Sounds like you're having a lot of really good progress.

    I'm with you, I wouldn't screw with the left foot if it is fine.

    (and, i'm totally like everyone else and tried the rotation while sitting here)