Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photos - Windermere Marathon, May 15, 2010

Before the start, still feeling surprisingly fresh.

At the half marathon mark. The heat is getting really...well, hot.

Nearing the finish.

Crossing the finish line, totally spent.

Feeling even worse than I look (Adam R., who seems to think I always take good race photos, this is for you)

Fake smile, but cool medal. Let's do this again!


  1. Hi Colin,
    You have some great pictures:) I love the one of you sitting down with your bling! Have you decided on another marathon this season or are you taking a break? I might be asking you questions during my training...I hope that you don't mind:) Take care Colin and congrats again on your awesome marathon finish!

  2. Thanks Julie! I'm actually running my first "ultra" in 3 weeks (I put it in quotes since it's 28.8 miles, which is barely beyond a marathon). Not going to race it, though. Then Ragnar Relay in July, then possibly a marathon on Sept. 12th, then my first 50k on Oct. 2nd. Hope I can hold up!
    Feel free to ask anything, although I'm definitely not an expert. I do know some experts, though! Thanks again!

  3. Great photos! You're going to be busy the rest of the year, but I think that's the best way to do it. Just carry on from where you are and continue for ever!

  4. Nice work!! It did look pretty hot out there.

    I still stand by my opinion that you don't take a bad race photo - you even had to "force" a bad one for your audience!

    i.e. your crossing the finish line picture just looks like you are yelling at someone.... "that was fun guys, but lets run it again backwards!"

  5. Adam, I think my exact words when crossing the finish line were, "#@$% &*^@ &#^@@%#$ !@$$%&?%!"