Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Why have I been cut off? Well...
Left to right, starting with the top row (all Brooks): Launch, Defyance 3, Defyance 2, Cascadia 3, Defyance 2, (bottom row) Launch, Defyance 3, Defyance 3, Cascadia 5

The only pair currently retired are the Defyance 2's in the upper right hand corner. All shoes in the bottom row are "in the wings", i.e. yet to be added into the rotation.

Mrs. Resurrected Runner has put the kibosh on further shoe purchases for the foreseeable future. Party pooper.

Watch for me on an upcoming episode of "Intervention". Imelda Marcos, eat your heart out.


  1. Can you please send an email to my wife? She thinks me having two pairs of runners is ridiculous!

  2. Ha! If I didn't get them at a discount, I'd probably have no more than 2-3 pairs myself. These should last me through the end of the year.

  3. I like that! I have 6 pairs but using only 4 currently. I get lots of comments from all others in the household and family. It's my treat to me.:)

  4. Wait a minute, you didn't pay for all of those.

  5. Hilarious. We couldn't be more different in regards to shoes. I buy a pair, run on them until they are toast, toss them, and do it all over again. I'm curious though, do you wear different shoes for say, a long run vs. speed run?

  6. I never said I paid for ALL of them. Okay, ONE pair was a gift (and still in rotation - thanks).

    Chris, the bulk of my training is done in the D3's. My D2's (top middle pair) are on the way out and just for short recovery runs. The Cascadias are for a local trail run I do, usually once a week. I wear the Launches for speedwork and races. I usually only rotate 4 pair at a time.

  7. WOW, have I mentioned lately that I'm super jealous of your brooks ID membership? soo jealous

    I still have yet to get the stones to ask a running store mgr to sign off on my application.