Thursday, May 20, 2010

Runner's Round Table

Yesterday, I had the privilege of taking part in a lively discussion on the Runner's Round Table, episode 82, entitled "Reasons to NOT Run a Marathon". The show was led by Joe Garland, and included Matt (from the Dump Runner's podcast), Flo, Mark Ulrich, and myself. Matt and I shared stories of our recent marathons - what went right, what went wrong, what went into the training and preparation, and whether or not it was worth it. Mark reflected on his experiences of finishing 19 marathons, and the goal of running 6 this year. Flo, having completed several marathons, is currently interested in shooting for a higher "age grading" in shorter distance races. Joe is up in the air about whether he'll "run" the NYC marathon or "race" it. Matt is planning on running a fall marathon, which I'm also considering.

While I agreed that one doesn't have to run a marathon to be considered a "runner", I look forward to more marathons in the future. The challenge still intrigues me (as does the idea of ultras). It was an interesting show and definitely worth a listen.


  1. I'm looking forward to listening to this episode. I did my first marathon because I thought it was the natural next step after finish a half. Well, I crashed and burned in my first full, finishing in last place in nearly 11 hours! Lots of lessons learned in that experience!!! I'm glad I finished and got the finisher's medal, but I've scaled back a bit and hired a running coach.

  2. Hi Colin,
    I'm not blowing smoke here, but this was the best Runner's Roundtable episode I have heard in quite awhile. The panelists were all so well spoken and knowledgable. To Lesley above, OMG 11 hours. I am very impressed you finished. Very.

  3. Yes, Lesley, I can't imagine gutting it out like you did. A coach is a good idea, too.
    Chris, glad you enjoyed the show. It was fun to be on it, but I'll admit I was a little intimidated. Every co-host (including Flo) is faster than me. I'm working on it, though!