Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week & Month Wrap-Up

This has been an interesting week, running-wise. I've been in a bit of a funk the last couple of weeks, actually, feeling pretty run down. Yesterday I ran an "easy" 10-miler that ended up feeling anything but. In hindsight, I think a lot of how I felt during that run could be attributed to a Unisom hangover. I don't often take sleep aids, but I foolishly downed a TON of caffeine Thursday afternoon and KNEW I wouldn't sleep unless I medicated myself.

This morning I met, for the first time, with the Mill Creek Running Club (only online presence I know of is on Facebook). There's a 5:30 am group and now a 7:00 am group. I chose to run with the latter. There were 4 men and 3 or 4 women. Since I wasn't familiar with the course, I wanted to stay close to someone. I ended up getting caught in between the two lead guys and everyone else, so I did my best to keep the fast dudes in sight. I ended up running the 6.53 miles at 7:18 pace (nearly race pace, for me), which was much faster than I had hoped. My choice now is to either force myself to run slower when I run with them again, or re-arrange my week so my long run isn't the day before this run. Either way, it was fun to meet everyone and I look forward to running with them regularly (and drinking coffee afterward!)

Here's how the week played out:

Runs: 6
Miles: 36.5
Long: 10 mi

And the month:

Runs: 24
Miles: 162.1 (PR for monthly mileage)
Long: 13.1 mi
Races: Nookachamps Half Marathon - 1:41:22 (PR)

My long run should top out at about 15 miles in February, in my buildup toward my first marathon on May 15th. The only other race I currently have scheduled is the Mercer Island Half Marathon, on March 21st.

Here's to some great running in February!

Oh - I forgot to mention that I've agreed to join the Mill Creek Running Club team for the Ragnar Relay, in July (Blaine, WA to Langley, WA). Should be a hoot!


  1. Hey Colin - cool blog! Great meeting you this morning. Hopefully we'll get more people out at 7:00 so there is a better mix of paces. Let me know any time you want to get a training run in. See you soon. -Ruben

  2. It was great meeting you, too! You young guys are going to keep me honest out there! It'll be great to see the group grow. I'll probably see you again next Saturday. Have a good week!

  3. That looks like one nice race to be your first full marathon!!!! Outstanding..

  4. Thanks James. I'm really looking forward to it. Not very hilly, and a net downhill to boot! The key will be to not go out too fast (isn't that always the key?) I really think I'm made to be a marathoner (partially because I'm not too fast in the shorter races). We'll see if my body agrees with me!

  5. Sounds like a great month Colin! It's definitely fun to run with people from time to time.

  6. Thanks Jill. I'm looking forward to running with this group fairly regularly. I know it'll make me a better runner, plus it'll be fun to get to know some new fellow runners!