Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brooks I.D.

I was just selected to be a Brooks I.D. ("inspire daily") member. I have yet to learn what all this entails, but I'm excited (and a bit surprised) by it. More later...


  1. That is so awesome, dude! Congrats! You definitely fit the bill. :)

  2. Thanks long as the bill is "middle-aged, not particularly fast guy with questionable knees"!

    But I do love their products, so I won't be faking my enthusiasm!

  3. congrats on the new appointment colin! As ambassador, will you be appointed to broker the barefoot runner/Brooks truce? have fun with it!

  4. Thanks Chris! Unless I'm asked specifically, I'll stay on the periphery of the barefoot debate. But I will say that, when I finally switched from heavy stability shoes to lighter, more neutral shoes, many of my injury problems went away.