Saturday, September 19, 2009

Race Report

Ran the Airport Run for Hope 10k this morning in Arlington, WA. Flat course, mostly on trails. Wet and muddy! Rained hard before, stopped during race, then a little rain afterward. Went out a bit fast, but met goal of breaking 45 min (barely) with a time of 44:59 (7:14/mi pace). Still not feeling very strong after a week of some kind of crud & had bad side stitch from miles 3-5.
  • 7:01
  • 7:08
  • 7:03
  • 7:36 (enter the side stitch)
  • 7:23
  • 7:15 pace for last 1.2

Fun race, though. Finished 8th overall and 3rd in age group. Met ultra runner Tim Stroh (friend and competitor of my ultra friend Arthur). Tim took 2nd in my age group and beat me by about 2:50 (he's coming off the Plain 100 mi ultra race last weekend). Next up: Spokane Half Marathon on 10/11!


  1. Congratulations Colin! That's a great time even if you were feeling like crud.

  2. Thanks Jill. I read you've been fighting an illness, too. Hope you're done with it! Mine seems to be some kind of bronchial thing also. Feels like my lungs are being squeezed. Given that, I'm happy with my time.