Sunday, September 27, 2009

Any Ideas on Dealing With Blisters?

I did a little 3.5 mile run this morning (with my new Garmin 305 - very cool), and I'm still dealing with the blisters in my arches from Friday's long run, where I ran with new inserts in new shoes for 14 miles. My half marathon is 2 weeks from today. I'm going to keep training as planned (so "stop running" isn't an answer I'll consider). If you have any suggestions on how I might tape the blisters or anything that might help me avoid making them worse (I've already switched back to my old inserts), I welcome your comments. Thanks!


  1. Here are a couple of suggestions: first, duct tape patches and second, a complex taping pattern that will probably fail. The duct tape, just make a patch much larger than the blister area and slap it on like one of those quick tire patches. You might want to use a light coating of body glide or something similar right on the blister, so the tape doesn't tear them when removed.
    The other option would be with athletic tape. This time, run a half inch strip from the outside of you big toe pad, around the heel and attach to the pad of your little toe. Then go from the outside of your little toe pad, around the heal and attach to the big toe pad. The with one inch tape, do overlapping strips from the inside to the outside of the foot. You only have to do enough strips to thoroughly cover the blister area, but you can do the whole bottom of the foot for prevention. The downside to this is that your sweat will probably cause the tape to unstick and ball up, causing more blisters.

    Good Luck!

  2. Thanks L.J. Good suggestions. I just read about the duct tape idea on a running message board. I may give that a shot for tomorrow's run. Thanks again!