Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weekly Review

This week marked two more milestones in this training cycle: the long run and total weekly mileage. It was a challenging week, and more than once I had feelings of a cold coming on (combated by extra vitamin C and early bedtimes), but I luckily fought it off (so far). Monday's 20-miler was my longest so far (and, as I wrote in an earlier blog post, it was SOGGY and COLD). I then ran a pretty strong 10-miler on rolling hills on Wednesday. The week was capped off by an 8-mile group run on Saturday morning, at a quicker-than-planned 7:27 pace. My legs felt a little flat during it, but it was still a good run. I'll take Easter Sunday off to hopefully let my body recover a bit. Since I'll likely be ending next week with a 5-mile race on Saturday, and 20+ miles of pacing a friend in a 50-mile ultra on Sunday, I haven't yet figured out next week's plan. It'll likely be in the neighborhood of 50 miles.

Here are this week's numbers:
Runs: 6
Miles: 52.3 (PR)
Time: 7:11:54
Avg pace: 8:16
Long: 20 mi (PR)

Only six weeks until the marathon! Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Colin,
    Wow, look at someone's high crazy weekly miles!! Nice work...I am impressed!

  2. Thanks Julie! I just want to be ready for the marathon. I've heard too many horror stories about people who went in under-prepared.

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome run Sat morning, Good work. After 13 miles yesterday I feel good. We are doing 22 miles this Saturday, you are welcome to join us at 5:30am. We are probably running the same route, Returning to the Spotted Cow at mile 14, then back out for another 8 miles.

  4. Mike, I'm running a little 5-mile race in Burlington on Saturday, then will probably pace a friend in the 50-mile Mt. Si ultra on Sunday (I'll probably run 20-22 of it w/him), so I wouldn't be able to join you guys. Have a good run!

  5. Sounds good to me. Glad you could keep that cold away. The trick is to keep it up and also take it easy. Not always easy but that balance is key to me. I also believe in Vit C and enough sleep. Take care!

  6. Nice week. I am SO envious of your mileage and HR (posted in other places) right now. But in a few weeks I will be there and you will be recovering. :)