Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today's Run, and my Fragile Psyche

After two days of "post-disaster" rest, I was ready to get back out there today.

6.2 miles, 52:10 (8:25 avg/mile) 131 avg HR, 160 peak HR

Before I get into the run, I'll share something that made my jaw drop this morning. I only weigh myself once a week (it'll soon be more often). Today the scale showed me nearly three pounds lighter than last week! I don't know how much of that was due to dehydration from Monday, but I'm quite a bit lighter than I'd like to be now (nearing Ryan Hall territory…sans the speed). I still feel a little weak today but, again, that could be due to the Monday debacle, or the recent high mileage.

Because of my plummeting weight, I ate a large breakfast this morning (why not overcompensate immediately, right?). This delayed today's run, as I felt a little queasy and weak. Still, I made my way out and ran the first four miles at exactly 9:00 pace. This is my easy "recovery" pace, but it didn't feel good. I felt pretty sluggish and was breathing too hard. I then decided that, when I hit the start of mile 5, I was going to bump it up a notch, just to blow out the pipes a little. I kicked it into a gear that felt like about a 7:00-7:10 pace. When I looked at my Garmin at the end of the mile, it read 6:43! Okay, good. I can't say it felt easy, but I was very much in control and could have pushed even more. I backed off the last mile (7:46) and felt pretty good when I finished.

I didn't need to bust out a quick mile for training purposes. That 6:43 was quite a bit faster than my planned marathon race pace, but my psyche needed it badly. I needed reassurance that my wheels could still turn when I wanted them to. I hate to admit it, but Monday's blow-up really shook my confidence. I know it shouldn't have, but my fickle brain has me questioning a lot of things about my training. My wife reassures me that I'll be strong and ready come marathon morning, and I know she's right. But while I felt very confident about this marathon over a week ago, I'm now filled with a combination of confidence, respect and a dash of fear. Still, I'm very much looking forward to it.


  1. Hi Colin,
    This is Chris is San Diego. You know what, don't let your bonk shake your confidence. It happens. And, it has NOTHING to do with your upcoming race. Consider it a blessing in disguise as you know have an appreciation for proper fueling - pre & post race. BTW, what is your email address? I want to send you something.

  2. Take care of yourself Colin!! Nice job on your run...great pace:)

  3. Thanks Chris. I appreciate the comments.
    You can email me at

  4. I think you are exactly where you should be. Just make sure you rest and eat well. Some fear and respect for a marathon is a good thing. Take care!

  5. ha - I had to laugh that Ryan Hall has his own weight category (because he DOES...and it is small)

    Glad the legs are spinning again.