Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week in Review

A nasty head cold decided to take up residence in my noggin long about Wednesday morning. I felt the dreaded sore throat, but fortunately only missed one day of running...which I ended up making up today (Sunday) anyway. Running through this thing actually helped, I think. I feel like it broke up a lot of mucous and cleared out my sinuses. I'll spare you the disgusting details of what happened during some of my runs when I tried to help the process along.

Here are the numbers:

Runs - 6
Miles - 40.7
Long - 14 mi
Total time - 5:46:44

Despite the cold, I had a really strong 8 mile hilly run on Wednesday. I can feel my mileage base carrying me lately. I just feel stronger, even on days I'm feeling a bit "off".

Next week is a bit of a back-off week in my marathon training plan (week 4, officially). The schedule calls for 38 miles with a "long" run of 10 miles. Due to the mileage base I mentioned feeling pretty good about, I'm going to bump up the long run to 12 miles and put in around 40 for the week. Soon enough, the weekly mileage will reach the 50's and peak at 60, with my long run topping out at 23 miles. I'm actually looking forward to it!

Here's wishing everyone a great week of training!


  1. Hi Colin,
    I am sorry to hear that you were not feeling the greatest. Good job on getting out there anyway! Sometimes it would be easier just to stay in bed or not workout....way to tough it out:) Don't you love it when you can feel and you know that you are physically getting is the best!! Good luck on your training this week:)

  2. As long as it's in the head only I always run through a cold. I believe it helps to clear out the nasty stuff.