Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Running Across Deception Pass (Ragnar video)

This was a really cool experience for a few of us. At about 6:50am on Friday, July 24th, Garrett was running leg 24 (of 36) of the Ragnar Relay. At this point, he ran over the Deception Pass bridge, which connects the mainland to Whidbey Island. The bridge is over a quarter mile long, and roughly 180' above water (it looks higher when you're on it). Three out of the six men in our van decided to run over the bridge with him. Garrett ended up running this leg at 6:37 pace (he was close to the end of this one), so I assume were were running roughly that pace. Fun times.
Below is a photo of the bridge:


  1. Narrow bridge, eh? Would be practically impossible to score a kill on that bridge. Thanks for the quick Gene Simmons impression Colin. Thought for your consideration. A Ragnar team made up of running bloggers.

  2. Yeah, a "kill" on this bridge would probably be literal. Incidentally, there have been suicides from this bridge. The currents below are pretty treacherous, and there are many remains of smashed boats in the channel.
    A Ragnar team of running bloggers would be a hoot. Logistics & travel might be an issue, though.

  3. I'm not surprised by the suicides. I love running over bridges with views like that. If I was there I would have joined you for sure.