Monday, August 9, 2010


Today, I FINALLY hit 1000 miles running this year. I say finally for two reasons:
  1. Because of my heel injury, I arrived at this mark about a month later than expected.
  2. The closest I ever came to this mark was in 1984, when I logged 983 running miles.
Even though it's just a number, I've been itching to surpass it for 26 years. Injuries notwithstanding, I should finish the year somewhere between 1600 and 1800 miles. For someone who thought he'd never run again before last year, I'm thrilled to have that opportunity.

To reach this mark today, I ran 12 miles at a very slow pace (9:37/mi), keeping my heart rate under 135 bpm. I'm now in full-blown ultra mode (without the hills...see previous posts re: how the hills KILL my heel), and am trying to re-build my aerobic base and teach my body to burn more fat than glycogen. That will involve lots of long, slow running. That's not always an easy task, and after today's run, I was pretty tired and sore (partially from the race I ran on Saturday). I'm taking my training one day at a time right now, due to how my heel feels. Ironically, yesterday and today, the heel felt better than it has in a long time - even after a half marathon!

So I suppose I should celebrate the 1000 mark in some small way tonight. I'm thinking a cold Widmer Hefeweisen. Mmmm....


  1. Hmmmm... heel feels better despite the half... I suspect you'd already begun plentiful celebratory Widmer Hefeweisen sampling ;-) Seriously, congrats on reaching 1,000!

  2. Hey Colin, guess what? I'm not going to give you any gruff at all. I say, "Congrats on an important milestone".

  3. Go Colin! Go Colin! Yea, way to bust out 1,000:)

  4. 1000 miles! Thats great, well done. You really worked through a lot for this. They may just be numbers, but for us runners they are important numbers.

  5. great job...keep it up. base pace running with a heart rate monitor will be your best friend...stay loyal to them.

  6. This is amazing man. Kudos to you. Even with the time off, you'll still probably beat me as I'm only at 750 or so right now.