Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ragnar NW Passage 2010 Team Video

Here is the video presentation I just completed to document my team's experience at Ragnar - NW Passage (July 23 & 24). Editing and original backing soundtrack by yours truly. A big thank-you to my teammates for providing great photos & videos.

[Video embedded below, but it can also be seen, in better quality, here]


  1. I really enjoyed watching the video Colin! I have to tell you I absolutely love the poem too:) You are very creative...nice work!

    I am sorry to hear about your heel and that you are taking some time off. I do think that you are making the right need to recover from your injury. Good luck to you and stay positive!


    Did you record all of the video of you guys racing with plans of making this video?

    Wow, you really seriously have talent with this stuff. You should really do something creative in your spare time. You know, like draw. Have you ever tried that?

  3. Colin - My video after the similar Texas Independence Relay race ( is totally lame in comparison versus your masterpiece :-( Seriously, looks like a LOT of fun!

  4. Wow, great video! Thanks for doing and sharing this Colin! Looks like a serious good time.

  5. That video was freaking epic Colin. Really, really cool. I want to run that race next year. Here is my suggestion to you. From this day forward Colin ONLY runs races in his lime green/yellow tank. It's your new trademark, your running identity. You are the lime green/yellow Bad Ass Mo Fo. I liken it to Tiger Wooks ONLY wears a red Nike shirt on Sundays.

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