Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ragnar Photos

Starting area, Blaine, WA

"Extreme Cow Tippers of Mill Creek" Top (L to R): Cris Cable, Mike Turk, Kris Amato, Garrett Klovdahl, Dave Cowan. Bottom (L to R): Colin Hayes, Josh Narode, Lars Larson, Gus Anaya, Brian Brandser, Mike Minea, Tony Byrd

Yours truly, handing off to Kris @ exchange 34
Waiting for Kris to hand off to Garrett
Final handoff to Garrett, who will bring us home.
The finish line, where we all crossed together.


  1. Hi Colin,
    Those are all great pictures! I have a friend who just asked me if I could join her team. Someone hurt their knee and can't race. I had to say no because my hubby has a golf outing that weekend:( Someday I will do a relay and I know I will have as much fun as you did! I am glad that you enjoyed your experience!

  2. Julie, if you ever get an opportunity and you can do it, I highly recommend it. It was a blast! Tiring, but fun.

  3. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing this. You certainly had a great time.