Saturday, April 11, 2009

Week 14 in review

Just finished a 4.5 mile run. My training week is over. Here's how it played out:
  • Total training minutes: 384.6
  • Minutes on the bike: 270 (4.5 hrs)
  • Minutes running: 114 (1.9 hrs)
  • Outdoor bike miles: 25 (1 ride, plus 2 rides on the trainer)
  • Running miles: 13.5 (3 runs)
My final run started as a bit of a struggle, but I chose not to fight it. I backed the pace down a bit and felt pretty good toward the end. I do, however, have some concerns. My right hip and outside of my right knee are pretty sore and tight (the hip in particular). I need to start running some new routes...probably some unpaved trails. I got some new insoles for my shoes, which seemed to work fine. I need to focus on stretching and strengthening exercises directed at my right hip and knee. This IT band problem has been a curse for many years. Someday I'll see a physical therapist and have my gait analyzed. Until then, I'll nurse myself along as best I can. Happy Easter everyone!

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