Sunday, April 5, 2009

An introduction

Hi folks! Just a brief overview of who I am and what this blog is about:
I'm a 42-year old guy who ran track and x-country in high school, then on and off for the next 20+ years, fighting injuries much of the time. I finally threw in the towel in mid-2006. My right knee in particular was a mess. I had IT band problems in that leg as well. But...I couldn't stay away. Influenced by several runner-friends, I got the jones in a baaad way and gave in. I started running again in Jan 09. I'm currently in training for the bike leg of a triathlon (August 9, '09), but until the weather here in Everett, WA improves (don't like to bike in the rain & cold), I started running to build an endurance base. I'm paying special attention to stretching, ice baths (new for me) and proper shoes. After three months of pretty short (max of 4.5 miles so far) and infrequent (3 days/wk) runs, all is well. I'm cycling on an indoor trainer, but will soon hit the roads. After the triathlon, I plan on focusing on running pretty much exclusively, as long as I stay healthy. If so, I hope to run my first marathon in 2010. I never was a spectacular runner, with PR's of 5:01 in the mile, 39:06 in the 10k, and a long run of only 14 miles, but I do love it. I plan on updating this blog with my progress and challenges as I try to become a runner once again! Comments and/or advice is welcome. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Which marathon are you going to run. You know it only takes about 16-18 weeks to get into shape to finish a marathon.

  2. I haven't decided yet. The wildcard will be how my body handles an increase in mileage. After the tri, I'm going to start ramping up the miles (while still running from now until then), so training for the marathon won't actually start until August. Maybe a spring 2010 marathon? Let me know if you have any good ones in mind.