Buy Running Parody Songs

Often called the "Weird Al" of running!

All 3 Collections (30 Running Parody Songs): $20

3rd Running Parody Song Collection: $8

2nd Running Parody Song Collection: $10

First Running Parody Song Collection: $10

More Song Info:
To listen to a medley of the new, 3rd collection, click here. For a medley of the 2nd collection, click here. (and here to listen to a medley of the first collection).
Upon receiving payment, the songs (mp3 files) will be uploaded to a free file transfer site called WeTransfer. You'll be notified when they're ready for download. If you have any issues regarding this process, please contact me at Thank you for your order!

Free Song Download! Runnin' So I Can Eat, from the 2nd collection. Enjoy!

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