Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today's spin, and goals

Just wrapped up a 60 minute spin on the trainer. I can tell my body is becoming more efficient in transporting oxygen. It's taking less and less effort to do the same workouts. I'm still a little intimidated by the hill training that's to come, but I'll climb that hill when I get to it (boo).

As an aside, I've been thinking about what I want to accomplish as a runner, assuming my (relatively) old body holds up. I mentioned before that my best time in the mile was 5:01, back in 1985 when I was a senior in high school. It torqued me off to miss a sub-5 mile by two seconds, and to be honest, it still bugs me a little (not that I'm losing sleep over it). I've been wondering if I want to take a stab at that mark again. Could I break 5 at my age, with the proper training? Probably. Should I attempt it? I don't know. With my history of injuries, I might be asking for trouble. I don't want to become obsessed with physical goals and tear myself up trying to achieve them...yet goals are what keep me (and most others) going. I'd also like to run a marathon...and do a century ride...and probably a few more things that escape me right now. I think the best approach is to have some long-term goals that are pretty daunting, but have several "mini-goals" that are more achievable, on the way to those larger goals...and try to keep everything in perspective. Should I never run a sub-5 mile, or even a marathon due to injuries, I need to be able to live with it. But I'll be doing whatever I can to keep my body strong and uninjured as I pursue them.


  1. If you stick to a plan and don't care about your time you can run a marathon in under 16 weeks.

    Dude you're 42 try a 6:00 mile.

    100 miles on a bike Ouch! I'm numb just thinking about it. I think if you can do 60 today you could do 100 tapered and rested.

  2. I've ridden 50 miles non-stop on a mountain bike. I'm pretty sure I could do 60 on my racing bike.
    I agree w/you on the marathon training.
    As for the mile...that comment hurt! ;-)
    But trying to run a sub-5 mile would hurt much more. I ran a 5:59 back in '95 (age 28) at an all-comers meet on little training...but that would take a LOT of specific training to do now. Like a lot of aging distance runners, I've started to realize that my endurance has improving at the expense of speed (not that I had much to begin with), so a marathon is much more realistic.

  3. "is" improving, not "has". Can't figure out how to edit my own comments!

  4. Colin, as someone in the same position as you I'm focusing on the endurance. After going at it too hard I've been suffering from injuries that won't heal as quickly as they used to.

    My thinking is that if I aim for endurance then the speed will/may come in time, but I agree on the long term goal. I'm considering a 100 miler this time next year.

  5. Ciemon,

    I think we're about the same age. I have to agree with your comments. There's a note in my running diary from about 6 years ago when I was running about 30 miles a week. I had run my first 10-miler in awhile and I noted that it felt as easy as my 5-mile runs (and about the same pace), and wondered if I was more suited to run longer distances. The mile record is more of a thorn in my side than anything else. I should probably let it go and seek new challenges, like the marathon or (maybe someday) an ultra or two. Good luck with your training. Stay healthy and run that 100 miler!