Friday, April 24, 2009

Average bike ride, thoughts on running

This is the first week this year that I've done more than one bike ride outside. Most of my rides have been on the trainer so far, with maybe one outdoor ride per week when weather allows. This week, weather has allowed (at least by my standards as a wimpy cyclist...but I'll RUN in all kinds of cruddy weather). Didn't have much energy. Rode 20 miles in 75 minutes. Changed my seat position just a tad (a bit more forward and up), but my hips still protested a bit...especially my left (my "good") hip. Guess I need to continue adjusting. That's it for the bike this week. If time allows, I'll put in a run tomorrow.

I've decided to run a little, local 5k in mid June. I just need an event closer than the triathlon to keep me motivated. I won't be training for it specifically, so I don't expect to run fast. I'm guessing it'll be about 23 minutes or so.

As I've run and cycled so far this year, I'm learning that my heart isn't quite into the cycling nearly as much as it is the running. Yes, I'll train hard on the bike for the triathlon coming up in August, for which I'm doing the bike leg as part of a team, but injuries or not, I'm a runner through and through. I started running back in 1983, then on and off the next 26 years. Whenever I've taken a break, usually due to nagging injuries, I've nearly always done so with a negative attitude toward running, like a jilted lover in a co-dependent relationship, breaking up yet again..."this time for good". But as my body would heal and I'd start thinking about putting those shoes on again, all the good memories of running would blot out the bad, and I'd start remembering the feeling of well-being that can come from a good run. I guess it's an addiction. But with my history of injuries (possibly from training errors, possibly from biomechanical issues...or both), I don't want to fall TOO much in love with it again, for fear of having to put the shoes away again for the long-term. But I gotta admit...these measly 117 miles I've run so far in 2009 have been some of the most enjoyable since I started running all those years ago.


  1. Come do a loop at Lake Youngs on June 13th. The slower the better.

  2. I already signed up for the 5k, on the same day. I'll do it next year, though. Maybe all 3 loops!