Thursday, April 9, 2009

Running with a cold

Didn't really feel up to it before going out, but I ended up having a good 4.5 mile run (8:24/mi pace). Breathing was a tad labored thanks to this little cold, but really felt strong. Was tempted to go 5.5 mi, but my right hip was getting tight and sore, and I'm having an issue with the insert in my left shoe (giving me a blister). All that said, I'm really pleased with how the recent workouts are feeling. Don't train with a HR monitor, but my pulse after the run was 142, which is in my base range. Tomorrow...either an outdoor bike ride, or a ride on the trainer. Happy training, everyone!


  1. If you want to keep your knees and hips healthy, I’d recommend varying your pace and terrain a little.

  2. I agree, especially with the terrain. Running 12-15 miles a week right now on pavement won't do me in, but when I start ramping up the mileage, I'll be doomed if I don't hit some unpaved trails.