Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two Wheels

We're slowly getting settled into our new home here in Spokane. As has been the case in a lot of the Northwest this summer, it's been hot and sunny nearly ever day since we've moved here. As we've driven around the area (and walked on the Centennial Trail next to the Spokane River,) I've noticed just how many serious cyclists there are in the area. Yes, there's a very strong cycling community in Western WA, but given the population of the Spokane area, it seems as if it's an even larger group here, per-capita, anyway. There are two or three cycling clubs, and most of the riders I've seen appear to be pretty hard-core. I've also noticed that there's a large number of middle-aged (i.e. gray haired) men in amazing shape riding expensive bikes.

Given my ongoing, and repeated, running injury episodes, and the inspiration of the many riders in my demographic, I think it's (past) time to once again dust off my trusty Fuji and start pedaling.

We live close to the Centennial Trail, so I have no logistical excuses (I still don't like sharing the road with cars,) and I desperately need to get some cardio fitness back. I have been faithfully lifting weights for several months, so my strength is good, but I've done little more than take frequent walks w/my wife and dog for my "endurance" activity. Yes, my guns are bigger...but so is my gut.

I have no goals when it comes to speed, and I probably won't be seeking any club memberships anytime soon, but a few leisurely bike rides per week will definitely do me good.

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  1. That sounds like a great idea and it seems everything is right to start it now. Enjoy!