Monday, July 15, 2013

3 And Out...Again

My daughter Natalie is going into her freshman year of high school. Shortly after we moved into our new home in Spokane Valley, WA, I tracked down the Central Valley HS girls cross-country coach via email and got the scoop on when and where the girls are meeting to train during the summer. Since then, I've been Natalie's chauffeur every weekday morning, as they run at 8:00am sharp. Witnessing these girls already getting serious about the upcoming season got me itching to get back out there myself. I haven't run since March due to a hamstring injury (with the exception of a 1.7 mile fun run at my youngest daughter's elementary school in early June.) So last Thursday, since Natalie had to miss the morning run with the girls, I decided to head out with her and Apollo.

I managed a slow (9:30/mile) three mile slog with Apollo—both of us out of shape—and felt the hamstring just a little. That would have been acceptable, except that the hamstring hurt much worse later in the day. In fact, it felt just like it did when it first sidelined me a few months ago.


I'll have to be content with being a cheerleader for Natalie for the time being.

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  1. That really sucks, but I'm glad Natalie can train so nicely with the group. All the best!