Monday, July 8, 2013

Relocation. Defintely NOT Vacation

I didn't realize that it's been over a month since I posted here. Moving across the state has been a major event, and MUCH more work than I even anticipated. After being in our previous house for 16 years, we (okay, mostly I) managed to accumulate WAY too much junk. Not quite to the level of Hoarders, but even after three big trips to the dump, we had far too many possessions to transport across the state.

If I ever get this bad, shoot me quickly.

But we made it.

And I'm sitting here in my new office in our new complete and utter disarray. It'll take us a few weeks (months? never?) to get fully unpacked and settled in.

But we're enjoying our new location. Summer here in Spokane is definitely summer by the classic definition, as opposed to Western Washington, where it can be hit-and-miss. We'll also have a distinct winter here, complete with plenty of snow and below-freezing temperatures.

So what is my training status amidst all the chaos? Well, it's on life support. I set up my workout area in the garage last week (we have a 3-car garage now, so there's a nice space for all my gear) and have done a couple of weight workouts. My oldest daughter Natalie, who will be going into high school, has started running with the Central Valley HS girls' cross-country team. They're meeting 5 mornings per week. She's about to get into the shape of her life, whether she's ready for it or not!

Seeing the approaching XC season has me itching to run again, despite my 15 lb. weight gain (mostly muscle...I'm pretty sure, anyway.) I've enjoyed running with Natalie in the past and I'd like to again, but the reality is that my days of being faster than her are probably coming to a close, unless I can resume training the way I'm accustomed to (and how I'd like to), including speed work.

We live in a quiet neighborhood, so there are lots of good areas to run. Lots of hills, too. I'm thinking that I'll be going out for some short, slow jogs sooner than later.

Speaking of which, how are the long-term injuries? My hamstring still speaks up every once in a while if I do something that stresses it. My more recent injury — a muscle (or tendon) pull on the top of my right foot — is more troublesome. I pulled that while falling out of my office chair a few weeks ago (don't ask) and I've felt it ever since.

So I'm still the same old injury prone 40-something guy I've long been. I've just relocated my old, aching body 312 miles further east now, that's all.

Never. Moving. Again.


  1. All the best to your new life in Spokane!

  2. Relocation is never easy. All the best! A new start for a new part of your life.

  3. Glad to hear that you're all settling in. Good luck to Natalie! My son starts high school this fall, too, and will join the XC team. We've been training together and I LOVE it! I'm sure you'll both enjoy the time together. Now get out there and hit some hills! I can't wait to read your posts about running hills and running on snowy roads in the winter--they'll sound familiar to this VT runner! Good luck to you all!