Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thank You Brooks!

I'm still hoping I didn't receive the confirmation by mistake, but I'm thrilled to be a part of the Brooks Inspire Daily program for a third straight year. Yes, even middle-age, slow, semi-injured runners are eligible, apparently.

I started wearing Brooks shoes & gear in the mid-90's (if you don't count my first pair of running shoes in middle school, circa 1978), and would still be wearing them exclusively today even without the sponsorship. I believe in their products that much.

If you haven't yet given them a spin, please do. I'm fortunate to live just up the road from their headquarters (and their outlet store), and enjoy volunteering at their bi-annual clearance sales. I learn more about their products each time.

Even though 2012 will be primarily a 5k-focused year for me, as I try to rebuild from injury, I'll be out there happily and proudly decked out in Brooks shoes & apparel for yet another year.

Run Happy, folks!