Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm sheepishly admitting to a 9-day running streak (as of now), even though my mileage during this streak is quite low. Several of those runs have been what I call "Dog Jogs" (running with my nearly 5-month old lab pup), which I keep short — no farther than 1.5 miles currently. So my mileage over these 9 days is a paltry 21.5. My intent isn't to put together a streak just for the sake of a streak. I've never been a "streaker" as a runner. My record is 19 days in a row for 117.5 miles. Not a lot of consecutive running days, from the perspective of people who sometimes run months (or years) without missing a day. My intent is three-fold. I want to see if my body can handle more frequent, albeit short, running. I want to see if this short, frequent running will have a positive effect on my fitness. And, probably more importantly, I want to give my puppy some good exercise (and start training him to be a running partner).

I doubt the "streak" will last long, as we'll be doing some traveling during the holidays. But I'll probably continue with this general approach as long as I can, since I've been feeling good while doing it.

If I don't post again in the next week, here's wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Great that you're ABLE to run continuously, so congratulations! That's probably the best evidence that you've got your running in balance with your body's abilities and your life's demands.

  2. WTG!! Sounds like a rhythm is forming. Merry Christmas to you! Keep running happy-with or without the dog:)

  3. Colin... I've never been a streaker either but back about six months ago when I wanted to get serious about losing weight I started a streak just so I could eat more. Haven't missed a day yet and I'm up to 195 straight days. Hoping to string together a year at least. The biggest obstacle is remembering to run a mile on those days I'm too busy to run. There have been several times that I would have never run on a particular day but once I got going I felt good after a mile or two and ended up with a good run.

    Congrats on your Brooks deal! I applied for it but never heard back from them. Guess I'll just keep wearing my old stuff!

    Merry Christmas!