Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm starting to transition into my cross-training (sprint tri-training) program. I swam 2000 yds on Monday, ran 4 miles yesterday and biked 20 miles today (with 3 more workouts left this week). I'm pooped, and my legs are shot. I think part of the reason is lack of sleep. I work at home and have rarely gotten out of bed before 6:30am. Now that we have an 8-week old puppy, I've been getting up at 5:00am to let him out. I try to go to bed earlier, but I don't always sleep well when I do.

That issue aside, it seems like my body isn't as willing to gracefully adapt to the activities I'm giving it. This is my 8th week of 3 short runs per week. I know that's not enough running to really make a big cardio-vascular change in my body (especially when I was used to 45 miles of running per week prior to the injury), but there are a lot of days where I just feel old and beat up. Not every day is like that, and not every workout leaves me feeling that way, but it certainly seems harder to come back from an injury each time I'm forced to do so.

But, that said, I shall NEVER give up! My dream is still to run regularly again, and to run another marathon (or eight)...and to PR (BQ?). Given my injury-prone body, that might be wishful thinking. But giving up on that wish would be worse than trying and failing. So...steady as she goes. Maybe patient & smart training will eventually lead me there again. And if not, I'll go down fighting.

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  1. The journey may be not quite what you're used to or envisioned--but I bet you'll get there! (And good luck with that puppy!)