Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Hardware

No, not for me. I just finished pacing Natalie in her first 5k. The weather was perfect (upper 50's), and the rain held off. She was hoping to break 30 minutes. I knew she'd crush that, and she did — 26:58 (8:35 pace). She easily won her age group (it was a small race; around 100 people total. So that's 2 road races, 2 age group wins. Wish I could do that!)

I wanted us to run each mile faster, and we did (9:00, 8:51, 8:08, 6:57 pace for the last .14). She complained a couple of times, but she stayed strong. She smoked the last half mile or so. BTW, her pace here was faster than her pace in the 2-mile race we ran last November. Which, after her XC season, will be our next race together — a return to the Fowl Fun Run 2-miler. She'll be in a new age division (she's 12; it's 12-15, I think), so it'll be tougher competition, but I'm pretty sure she'll still do well. Sub-16? I think she can do it! After that, the Candy Cane Dash 5k in early December.

Needless to say, I couldn't be prouder of her. I'll post a photo soon.

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