Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Natalie's First "Official" Meet

Now that my daughter Natalie is a 7th grader, she can finally compete in cross-country races this year. Today she ran her first meet. She's been battling a very sore heel (sound familiar?) but said it doesn't hurt while she's running. Apparently it didn't hurt before the race, either (but it did after).

How did she do? Very well! She finished 6th of 36 girls, and 2nd of 8 on her team. On the 1.5 mile course, she ran a 12:06 (8:04 pace, I think). She paced herself well. She was in about 12th place at the half-way mark. She also passed 3 girls in the last 200 meters. As always, I'm very proud.

Here are a couple of videos. Please excuse her overly enthusiastic dad in the finish line video...

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