Monday, August 22, 2011

She's Ready To Fly

As you probably know, I've been running exclusively with my oldest daughter (entering 7th grade) the last few weeks. Our first of 3 weekly runs has included some interval work. Today I decided to mix it up and run a mile time trial on the road, so we can get a feel for where she's at before school (and cross-country season) starts in less than 2 weeks.

After a 1/2 mile warmup, we took off — me keeping an eye on the Garmin as we ran so I could monitor our average pace. She was hoping to go sub-8:00. I knew she could go a good deal faster than that. We ended up at 7:37. She finished strong. I think she had a sub 7:30 in her.

Her track PR for the mile earlier this year was 7:21. I don't have any doubt that she'll blow that away during XC season (they run a mile time trial early in the season), and she'll likely go sub-7 next spring during track season.

I've been emphasizing to her that her biggest limitation is her mind. That said, I'm not willing to push her close to what I feel her limit is currently. This has to be an enjoyable and positive process for her. But I always tell her she can go farther and faster than she thinks she can.

Another fun aspect to today's run was running with my youngest daughter after my run with Natalie. Yesterday, I bought Lindsey a running outfit she's had her eye on and she was eager to try it out. We ran a comfortable .6 miles. She asked me if she could run with me a lot more when she gets to be Natalie's age. How could I turn that down? Fun times as a dad, to see both girls interested in running. If they stay interested and stick with it, there's no limit to what they can achieve as runners.

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