Saturday, August 20, 2011

3 Weeks and All is Well

I just finished my third week of 3 runs per week...all with my oldest daughter. My heel has felt fine, for the most part. I still feel a little soreness when going uphill. Our weekly runs are mostly flat, with exception of a long, gradual hill on our Saturday morning run. I might need to make an adjustment there...but even that soreness isn't as bad as what I was experiencing a few months ago. Of course, NO soreness would be preferable, but I'll take what little progress I can get, at this point.

We've got about two and a half weeks until school starts again, so we'll keep plugging away as we've been doing. Short intervals on Tuesday, medium-pace run on Thursday, and long(ish) and slow on Saturday, for a very modest 7-8 miles per week. Obviously my fitness won't go through the roof on such a program, but once I start swimming again (and cycling, once I get new shoes to replace the one I destroyed), I'll start improving my cardio fitness, to go along with the strength I've built with weight training.

So overall, I'm content with how things are going. Hopefully the gradual progress will continue.

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  1. Awesome! And it's gotta be cool to be doing it alongside your daughter. :)