Saturday, August 13, 2011

It Ain't Much, But It's Progress!

I just wrapped up my second consecutive week of 3 runs per week. Didn't go far (14 miles combined), nor fast (about 9:50/mile average), but despite a couple of times when my heel & Achilles let me know they were there, I was encouraged.

All runs were with my daughter, who is starting to get ready for her cross-country season. Last year (her first year), she went into the season totally unprepared & came home sore and exhausted the first week or two. This year, she'll be much more ready. So this plan is working perfectly for both of us. I get to gradually work myself back into a minimal running program at an easy pace, and my daughter gets to improve her fitness going into XC season. We're even doing a bit of "speed work" on Mondays.

Now, if I can get motivated to cycle and swim, I'll have a more rounded endurance-training program. Still hitting the weights 3 days/week, but I'm itching to build up my cardio fitness once again.

So, I guess to summarize, I'm happy with how things are going at this point. I ain't the runner I once was, but at least I'm running!

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  1. Colin - Glad you're preparing your daughter much better for her forthcoming cross country schedule! Given your heel spur I suspect that your heel/Achilles pain is more related to speed than volume? If so, suggest you bench yourself for your daughter's speed-work days, where from the sidelines you can encourage her, and time/record her laps. Also, as speed work is easier with more than one person suffering ;-) you might want to simultaneously offer to train one of your daughter's cross-country friends.